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Magictool AI Chrome Extension

Your AI Productivity Copilot packed with ChatGPT and 20 AI features in one place for your convenience

Write faster and better using our AI Writing Copilot

Our AI Writer, powered by ChatGPT, provides a myriad of writing styles and lengths. It can help you craft engaging content. Additionally, you can Explain text, check grammar, improve text, simplify language, make shorter, make longer, paraphrase, summarize, continue writing, add emojis, translate and more

Youtube Video Summarizer & AI Video Dubbing

Quickly summarize the transcript and comments of a YouTube video. You can also watch Youtube videos dubbed in more than 50 languages!

* AI Video Dubbing is a paid feature. Pro+ plans only

Use ChatGPT and GPT4 and Summarize Articles

Looking for answers? ChatGPT and GPT-4 can provide accurate and relevant information to all your questions. Additionally, you can effortlessly summarize articles or webpages with just one click.
* GPT4 is a paid feature

Generate AI Images

Generate AI Images from text using Stable Diffusion's latest models

Chat with and Summarize PDFs

If you're doing homework, looking up stuff, or trying to find things in a hard PDF, Magictool AI can help you quickly and easily find what you need. Our tool lets you chat with the PDF and summarize it.

Data Scraping and Extraction

The extension comes with a powerful data scraping and extraction feature. You have the option to manually select the data you want to scrape from any webpage, or you can use AI for automatic data extraction.

Magic Editor and Magic Shortcut

AI-Powered Text Editor & Notepad with all other AI features at your fingertips. Additionally, you can use the Magic Shortcut to invoke ChatGPT and give instructions directly from the editor or from any other text field in your browser.

Reader Mode Extension's Reader Mode helps users view web pages in a clutter-free format by removing ads, header, sidebars, and pop-ups. It's great for focused reading and offers customization options for font size and color scheme.

Good enough? even more features

  • Dark mode feature: force Dark Mode for any webpage
  • Data Analytics: Analyze CSV and Excel files easily with the help of ChatGPT
  • Custom menu items: create your own AI command using custom prompts
  • Private domains: specify domains in which the extension will not run
  • Note taking mode: save notes locally in the extension
  • Timer: set a timer for any task
  • Todo list: create a todo list and manage your tasks
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