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Find peace of mind and get ahead of others with the help of AI, all for the price of your morning cup of coffee!

Our deal is unique and unbeatable, here is why

Save Money

Basically, you will be saving money by getting access to 20+ AI tools via the Browser Extension for the price of one - including ChatGPT. The more we add tools the more value you are getting for your money.

Reduce Clutter

You will have access to multiple tools in one place, you can easily and quickly switch between tools without having to open multiple tabs or windows. You know where to look, life will be easier and you will be more productive.


What are AI Words (Credits)?

AI Words is the unit of measurement for your credits both during Trial and in Paid Plans.

Once you finish your AI Word credits you will need to purchase more to continue using our AI tools.

An AI Word is usually 3 quarters of an average word in English language. This means AI Words will be bigger than normal english words by around 1.4 times. For other languages it might be much bigger.

"AI Word" is just a non-technical name for the "tokens" which is the unit of measurement used by the Open AI APIs.

Example 1 (AI Scraping): To scrape a page containing 1000 words, you will require around 1400 AI Words for the AI to properly analyze and extract the information.

Example 2 (AI Writing): To write an email of 100 words, you will consume around 160 AI Words. (Your input instructions will also be counted in the AI Words.)

When does the One-time plan expire?

Short answer: it never expires. You pay once and can use those credits forever until you finish them.

Example: You buy the Basic plan which gives you 200,000 credits, let's assume your usage is not heavy and you didn't finish those credits for two years.
In this case: the credits will still be there until you finish them, once your credits are consumed you will need to buy more, either another one-time purchase or a monthly subscription.
This allows you to have complete control over your usage and choose the option that best fits your needs.

What is the difference between One-time and Monthly subscriptions?

Monthly subscriptions are automatically charged every month, you can cancel anytime.

One-time a one-time purchase of credits, gives you the flexibility to use them until they are depleted.

What is a Task?

A Task is a unit of measurement for non-text tools such as image generation, data analysis or audio transcription. For such tools, every action you do (Ex:Generating an image) is considered 1 task.

Example 1: Every time you upload a PDF/CSV file, it is considered 1 task.

Example 2: Every time you generate an image it will consume 1-3 tasks, based on the settings you choose.

Do monthly subscription credits roll over?

No. We already provide a variety of plans tailored to your unique requirements, as well as the option to make a one-time credit purchase, which sets us apart from other products on the market.

What do I gain by subscribing?
  1. You will be more productive, you will do more in less time
  2. You will be more confident in your writing
  3. You will be seen as more professional in your work
  4. You will have access to many AI tools in one place, no more clutter
  5. You will save your money, paying for one subscription while accessing many tools
  6. You can replace your current subscriptions in other external tools (paraphrasing, chatgpt, chat with pdf, etc) with Magictool
What about privacy?

We really take your Privacy seriously

  • We do not store or share your data with anyone
  • When uploading files, your data is deleted automatically by the end of the same day
  • When uploading files, you can delete your data anytime via the tool (Data tabs) after analysis, this way, we don't have access to your data anymore
  • For all AI tools we use OpenAI ChatGPT, we send them your data to get answers, we can't guarantee the privacy on their side
I don't think I will use the tools much

For that reason, we have one-time plans in which you can pay once (not monthly) and use the tools for a lifetime until you credits are consumed

I need a tool which I can't find in your list

We are constantly adding new tools to the list. If you have a specific tool in mind, please contact us and we might add it to the list.

Still not sure?

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