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Unicode Decoder & Encoder

Decode or Encode text characters into unicode entities and vice-versa using javascript unicode escape/unescape functions.

  • Simply paste the text you want to Encode or Decode into the provided field
  • Click Decode or Encode
  • The tool will generate the result text instantly

Example: from %u0639%u0631%u0628%u0649 or \u0639\u0631\u0628\u0649 to عربى

Note: Unicode entity numbers are in Hex

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A powerful resource that allows users to convert encoded unicode entities into unicode text characters and vice-versa using JavaScript Unicode unescape functions. With the increasing importance of multilingual communication and the widespread use of Unicode encoding, this tool proves to be highly valuable for developers, linguists, and anyone working with textual data.

By leveraging JavaScript's Unicode escape functions, this online tool simplifies the process of converting Unicode characters to their encoded counterparts. Users can effortlessly paste or input the Unicode string into the tool's interface, and with a click of a button, the tool swiftly generates the corresponding Unicode escape sequences.

The converted text can be used in various contexts, such as including Unicode characters in JavaScript code, HTML documents, or any other medium that requires the representation of Unicode entities. This capability enables seamless integration of Unicode characters in web applications, software development projects, and content creation.

Please note that this tool uses the javascript 'escape' and 'unescape' functions.