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InsightJini ✨ Chat with your Data and get Instant Insights!

Upload your data to get Instant Insights and Visualizations using our AI tool powered by ChatGPT. Chat with your data to get even more insights.

Upload your data

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We only accept CSV and Excel files (.xlsx, .xlsm, .xls). Max size: 100MB

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  1. Upload your Excel or CSV file
  2. Review the Data
  3. Explore your Charts and Insights
  4. Chat with your data to explore more
Traditional methods of data analysis, such as using Excel or writing code, often prove to be challenging and time-consuming. Excel, while widely used, has limitations in handling large datasets and performing complex calculations. Manipulating and extracting insights from data can become cumbersome, requiring extensive manual effort and formula-based operations. On the other hand, writing code for data analysis demands specialized programming skills and a deep understanding of statistical analysis techniques.

InsightJini bridges this gap by providing a user-friendly alternative that requires no programming knowledge. Its intuitive interface and automated data processing eliminate the need for complex coding or formula-based operations. Users can focus on exploring and understanding their data rather than wrestling with technical complexities.

Moreover, InsightJini takes data analysis to the next level by integrating with ChatGPT. This integration allows users to have conversational interactions with their data, making the exploration process even more intuitive and interactive. By simply asking questions or providing prompts, users can obtain instant responses and delve deeper into their data.

What type of files do you accept and what is the max size?

You can upload Excel and CSV files, max file size is 100MB

How long do you store my data

You data will will be stored on our server for 24 hours, afterwards it will be deleted

Do you use ChatGPT for the chat feature?

Yes, we use ChatGPT 3.5 API for the chat feature

Do you offer an API?

No we don't offer an API at the moment

How much does it cost to use the tool

Each file upload costs 1 Task credit, also the chatting feature consumes from your AI Words credit