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HTML Decoder & Encoder

Decode or Encode HTML Entities to Unicode or HTML Special Characters and vice-versa

  • Simply paste the HTML you want to Decode or Encode into the provided field
  • Click Decode or Encode
  • The tool will generate the encoded/decoded html text instantly

Example: From Tom & "Jerry" to Tom & "Jerry"

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HTML entities are codes used in HTML to represent characters with special meanings, such as angle brackets, ampersands, and quotation marks. These entities are important when you want to display these characters as text rather than having them interpreted as HTML code. The HTML Entities to HTML Special Characters Converter tool is a valuable resource for web developers and content creators. It simplifies the process of converting HTML entities back into their corresponding special characters and vice versa. By using this tool, you can ensure that your web content is displayed correctly, avoiding potential formatting problems and enhancing accessibility. It saves time and eliminates the need for manually decoding entities, making your coding tasks more efficient and accurate.