Online Bar Chart Maker

Online Bar Chart Maker
Photo by Daniel Tomlinson / Unsplash

In this guide we will show how you can create a bar chart from your Excel or CSV file in less than a minute with InsightJini

#1 Upload your Excel or CSV file

First you need to upload the file which contains the numbers you want to visualize as a bar chart

InsightJini Upload

#2 Review your data

After uploading your file make sure your data is loaded correctly and then click “Continue

InsightJini Review

#3 Generate your Bar Chart

  • Go to Charts
  • Choose your Dimensions
  • There you go, your bar chart is ready
  • You can also download it by clicking on the camera icon on the top right
InsighJini Bar Chart

That’s it, this is how you can visualize your data into a bar chart in less than a minute without any technical skills

Try it yourself now, just go to and follow this guide

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